Polar Bears and the Arctic: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House (Magic Tree House Fact Tracker)

By Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce

Track the evidence with Jack and Annie!
while Jack and Annie obtained again from their experience in Magic Tree apartment #16: Polar Bears earlier Bedtime, they had plenty of questions. Why is the Arctic so chilly? What did the 1st humans of the Artic consume? How do polar bears move skinny ice? What different animals dwell within the Arctic? discover the solutions to those questions and extra as Jack and Annie song the facts.

Filled with updated info, photographs, illustrations, and enjoyable tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree residence truth Trackers are the appropriate means for children to determine extra concerning the themes they found of their favourite Magic Tree apartment adventures. And lecturers can use truth Trackers along their Magic Tree condo fiction partners to fulfill universal middle textual content pairing needs.

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Solid sled canine pull twice their weight. they could trip for plenty of miles with no getting drained. Sled canines additionally helped their proprietors locate nutrients. they'd spot seals as they got here as much as breathe within the ice holes. And while different animals got here too shut, the sled canine may struggle to guard their proprietors. Kayaks and Umiaks at the sea, humans used varieties of boats. One boat used to be the kayak (KY-ack). they're small one-man boats used for searching small sea animals and fish. We nonetheless use kayaks at the present time, notwithstanding often for enjoyable. Kayaks stream quietly within the water. donning certain water resistant outfits made of walrus gut, hunters sneaked up on their prey. a bigger boat made up of animal skins and bones used to be known as an umiak (OO-mee-ack). it might carry approximately twenty humans. The umiak carried males out to seek the good whales. homes Arctic humans had different types of homes. in the summertime, many lived in tents made up of animal skins. in the course of the iciness, they moved into sod homes outfitted into the earth. They lined the homes with animal skins to maintain out the chilly winds. front door frequently slanted right down to the surface. This trapped the chilly air and saved it from blowing into the home. this sort of doorway is termed an arctic front. Sod is made of airborne dirt and dust, grass, and roots. whilst a few teams traveled within the wintry weather, they outfitted ice homes we now name igloos. utilizing detailed ice knives, they chopped the ice and snow into blocks. Then they equipped the blocks jointly to shape a around ice condo. Igloos will be publish in a single day … or perhaps one hour! inside of their homes, households lit oil lamps. The oil used to be made of whale or walrus fats. At evening whilst the winds howled outdoor, they huddled jointly. The adults informed tales and carved attractive items from bone and ivory. households households lived in teams of approximately 100. the boys hunted, fished, equipped homes, and made guns and instruments. the ladies took cost of creating outfits, cleansing, and taking good care of the youngsters. additionally they ready nutrients, and so they dried fish and meat for garage. teenagers have been hardly punished. Al-though they'd enjoyable, in addition they needed to paintings. They helped their mom and dad hunt and assemble nutrition. in addition they accrued driftwood to exploit for sleds and homes. The Argument Contest whilst humans received indignant with each other, a technique they solved arguments was once to have an “insult contest. ” An insult is anything acknowledged that's suggest or undesirable approximately some-one else. they might rise up and yell insults backward and forward. the 1st to lose his or her mood misplaced the competition. Arctic tales For local Arctic humans, many stuff had souls or magic powers. they'd sacred tales concerning the wind, animals, the aurora borealis, the ocean, and extra. simply because they observed polar bears strolling upright, they advised tales approximately polar bears that lived and talked like people. a few teams informed tales approximately Sedna, a sea goddess. They believed Sedna lived at the backside of the ocean. the entire sea creatures obeyed her. Fishermen attempted to maintain Sedna chuffed. If no longer, they nervous fishing may be particularly undesirable!

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