Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico (Life of the Past)

By Kenneth Carpenter

This assessment of dinosaur discoveries in Mexico synthesizes present information regarding the geography and setting of the quarter in the course of the Mesozoic while it was once the western margin of the traditional continent of Pangea. The ebook summarizes learn on a number of teams, together with turtles, lepidosauromorphs, plesiosaurs, crocodyliforms, pterosaurs, and final yet now not least, dinosaurs. additionally, chapters concentrate on trackways and different hint fossils and on K/P boundary (the Chicxulub crater, underneath the Gulf of Mexico, has been hypothesized because the website of the boloid influence that killed off the dinosaurs). Dinosaurs and different Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico is an updated, informative quantity on a space that has now not been comprehensively defined till now.

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