The company

KayCee Copenhagen was established in 2005 by Danish owner and designer Karin Corvinius.
Originally with an exclusive selection of pillows and blankets in leather and fur for interior design to the Danish market, but is today an international fashion company that produces and sells exciting personal and unique fashion for modern women across most of Europe.
KayCee's collections are currently sold in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia, Norway and Sweden.


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Karin Corvinius (KC) owner and designer

Idea & design

“The fact that I have chosen to work with fur and leather, as key elements of my collections is no coincidence. In my youth I worked at Copenhagen Fur Auctions and in a fur shop where I was fascinated by the materials' properties and potentialities. Fur insulates, is wrinkle-free, it is soft, light and luxurious and it's dirt-repellent. Today I use leather and fur in my very own designs mixed with other natural materials and various techniques such as knitting, braiding, crochet and woven in a raw and individual design that can be worn by anyone for both everyday and festive. Modern fashion clothing that is affordable but radiates individuality and personality. I love experimenting with new materials and take part in the whole process, from purchase of raw materials to the finished production. This enables me to ensure an ethical and sustainable production, and so I can vouch for the quality of the finished product."


Fur for fun

Fur Fashion has undergone a remarkable development in recent years and is no longer a dull coat as our grandmothers and mothers walked around in. Our unique and lightweight design makes it possible that the same model can be worn by young and old - and so affordable, which enables you to spice up your wardrobe with a jacket or a reversible vest. Everybody is allowed to coddle themselves a little sometimes.
The materials we currently use in our production are
 mainly natural materials such as calfskin and fur from raccoon, beaver, mink, fox, rabbit and lamb as well as silk, cotton and pure new wool.
On the accessories side, you can get scarves, bags, mobile holders, earmuffs, mittens, caps and hats.



Ethics, animal welfare and sustainability

When you buy furs up around the whole world it is important to know the origin of the furs. We select as a principle furs from communities where the entire animal is used so that many people have had the pleasure of the animal before the coat is sold. This way, we are helping to support local communities in the world's third countries, where they are dependent on being able to sell the skins after the animals have been used for food. At the same time we call for a high quality and animals treated properly makes a finer coat and therefore a higher price to the community. We buy directly from farmers and we visit them 2 to 3 times a year, to ensure that conditions are in order. The same applies to the factories that sew for us. Those we will also visit regularly to check that there is no child labor and that there is a sustainable production which can meet our high standards of ethics and quality.